Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A shift

As any of my regular readers (if you're still out there despite my slow updates) will know, I'm taking a year off from teaching 3-6 due to a major location change. I began subbing at a K-5 school recently to keep myself occupied, and while I enjoy working with children, as always, it sure does make me miss Montessori! Having never worked in a traditional school, I underestimated how extreme the contrast would be between the two systems.

Anyway, back to the point of this post - as of now, it looks like I may be taking more than one year because I'm pregnant! Hooray! I'm just over 17 weeks along and due on March 10th (the ultrasound picture is two months old). I'm just beginning the exciting process of planning the nursery and I can't wait to have everything together so that I can set it up. I suppose the focus of my blogging may shift a bit more toward the birth-three world in the coming months, until baby is 3 and we both head back to school! I suppose we'll see. Any pearls of wisdom are welcome, as I'm not trained for this stage (not that a momma needs to be trained, but I'd still love to hear from people who are!). Give me your patterns, your favorite birth-3 quotes, books, and blogs. I want to see/hear it all!