Friday, April 3, 2009

I Think You're Wonderful

One of the many lovely things I learned at Giving Tree Montessori, my internship site and a place where I spent three blissful years teaching was a song called, "I Think You're Wonderful*."

I also took an idea that we used there and have implemented it in my own classroom. We have something called the "Wonderful Necklace," and it hangs on a hook near the reading corner in our room. Anyone is welcome to take it, just as they take a work out, but they take it to a friend and tell them, "I think you're wonderful," and ask permission before putting the necklace around their friend's neck. The recipient can either pass it on when they have finished wearing it, or can return it to its place.

The goal is to facilitate the passing on of kind words and compliments - just because.

If you have tools that you use in your peaceful classrooms, I would love to hear about them!

*From my internet research, it seems that this song is by Red Grammer, from an album called Teaching Peace. You can stream it on youtube here:


Susanne said...

I love this idea. To give them obvious opportunities to say compliments to each other is a great thing.

We had a "Heart Journal" where I, or anybody else, could write down an entry regarding something kind that someone did for them or that they witnessed. When there were new entries, I would read them at the end of the day.

M said...

I think its a great idea ! In our class room we have a Friendship Table where two children can have tea and celebrate friendship.

nisha said...

melissa joanne
I just came across ur blog while a beginner in montessori, working though, liked the way u have shared ur views and ideas, would like to know when should we offer history to children and is it necessary to offer them at young age...please let me know and my heartful thx for ur blog. my mail id is I would be happy if i get response from ur end
Thanks & Regards
Nisha Reddy