Friday, January 25, 2008


I have posted nothing more on the literature unit, because it was rescheduled. One of my lovely co-teachers was going to teach on Space in March, but had to schedule a surgery and will need recovery time, so her space unit is going on now and my literature unit will start in February.

I must say that space is amazing. If you are trying to think of a special topic for a class, do consider space. The kids are so into it, as are the teachers and parents. It's so cool!

Anyway, the reason for this post is so that I can wind down after the most exhausting day I think we've had since September!

Perhaps it was the change in the weather, or the long and not so engaging (but incredibly well thought out and well-meaning) talk about satellites from one of our dads who is an engineer, or the two wonderful interns who came to observe and spent the work time shooting numerous photos. Whatever it was, it made the kids WILD. I screamed when I got into my car. I literally screamed. It was all I could do to hold on until I made it into my car. Ah, well.

All of that meaningless chatter out of the way, I can get to the point of telling you the most hilarious moment of the day, which I am only able to laugh about now:

It was almost 3:30. We were at recess and almost all of the kids had been picked up. We were exhausted. I looked over at a small cluster of kids near the fence on the playground, and one of our feisty little pre-k girls* was halfway up the chain link fence with four or five others watching her in amazement. Of course Montessori teachers yell very seldom, if ever, but I did yell her name across the playground at this point, hoping that she would immediately get down off the fence. She didn't hurry, but did come down, with a very innocent look on her face. I walked quickly to her end of the playground, and as soon as I began to address her she enthusiastically pointed up into the sky and with great excitement shouted, "LOOK! A HELICOPTER!" I was too frustrated to notice at this point, but I am reasonably certain that there was no helicopter. I am continually amazed at how clever children of this age can be when they want to take an unhappy teacher's attention off if the issue at hand.

* This happens to be the same sweet girl who, in her first week as a new three year old looked at me with amazement when I said "Adios," gasped, and asked, "Are you a Dora!?"

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