Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Really Proud

At our school, we have several certified Montessori teachers for one large classroom. Each teacher has their slot to do a "topic" during the year, which means that they lead the circle times, and incorporate work having to do with whichever theme or subject they are teaching on into the classroom. Right now, I'm doing my topic, which is literature.

Yesterday, during the morning work time I walked into the kitchen where one of our four year olds was having snack. Seemingly out of nowhere, he said to me, "Miss Melissa, I'm really proud of you for getting up there on circle."

It was the most charming thing. Perhaps he senses that being the center of attention (not so much of the children, but more of the other teachers, and any parents that may be present) makes me feel a touch uncertain. I'm so fortunate to have so many sweet, charming children around me.

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