Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, it's the end of my three year cycle and my current school, which I have grown to love a great deal. It's so exciting to see the children who were three when I began there preparing to graduate and move on to kindergarten. They have grown, developed, and changed so much, and it has been a joy to observe.

I've decided that, being the end of a three year cycle for me, it's a perfect time for me to move someplace where I'll have more opportunity, and chance to grow and change myself. So, off to Austin I go. If any of you Montessori teachers are looking for a place to relocate, I must say that Austin seems to be it! I interviewed at six different schools, and all of them seemed to be very true to the philosophy, and to have the best interests of the children at heart. It was amazing. I also got a sense of the reputation of several other schools that I did not have the chance to visit, and all sounded excellent. The Montessori community is vibrant, and the schools seem to be very supportive of one another.

Here in Colorado Springs, I have had the chance to see most every Montessori school, and I know that I could never bring myself to work for any other than the one where I currently am. I have never had to compare schools, and spend a long time thinking about which one was best for me. I just begged for a job, and took what they offered me, because I knew that was the only place where I could be happy. In Austin, I could work at any one of several schools and love my job! I chose the one that suits me the best and I'm thrilled, but had I not been offered a job there, I had several other options to choose from. It's amazing! I am more excited than I can begin to express about this next phase of my work with children.

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