Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Year Over

It's hard to believe that yet another school year has passed. I hope that all of you had a year as fulfilling as mine, and I wish you all a lovely summer!

Now that the year has come to a close for me, I am in a place of uncertainty about my role in Montessori education.

I am moving to Guam next week, where it does not seem that any positions in Montessori are available. I am planning to go back to school, which makes me think that I may not be able to give a class of children all of me anyway. I am planning to approach the schools on the island and offer myself as a substitute. I am also planning on exploring the idea of providing an after school foreign language program at one or more Montessori schools - something I did in the past. Whatever I do, I hope that the schools on the island will be open to having me observe from time to time, as I can't imagine two years without being in the classroom!

I also hope to work toward completing a book about parenting with Montessori principles that I began a year and a half ago now. We'll see how that goes!

All of that said, my posts will probably be less frequent, and of a different nature. I may share observations, thoughts on philosophy, and other things I see about Montessori on the net. We shall see.

Enjoy your summers!


My Child's Diary said...

So many great plans! Good luck with everything!
Looking forward to your future Montessori related posts. Miri

Dita Basu said...

Wish you best of luck. You may never know how opportunities may come. Besides, finishing up your book is also a great idea.

Remember Montessori also said that as a teacher you need to grow. And as long as you are open there will always be new windows.
From your new friend - Dita.