Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Classroom in Pictures

I am preparing for a big move, so I have been taking a great deal of pictures of my room. I'm going to miss it (but more so the children)!

I thought it would be fun to share them. The Practical Life and Art areas are missing. I don't know how I failed to photograph them, but I'm going to take some panoramic shots tomorrow before I start packing things up, so I'll post more later : )

If you have a classroom and want to share pictures of it, I would love to see them, too!

It is so inspiring to see the layouts and ideas other Montessorians have.




Cultural Studies

Lunch, some Art and EPL in the backround

The space is small, and I have so so many materials I have yet to make. It is the first year that I have been the sole Montessori teacher for a classroom, so I have been busy creating and I have quite a bit yet to do before I will feel that I have a truly complete set of materials. Then again, it will never be complete, as each group will be different.


Annicles said...

What a beautiful classroom. Your children have been very lucky. Good luck with your move.

pattyannie said...

A very nice classroom. I love the language area. I would love to see what you have in the pink and blue boxes.

A said...

Wow! Your classroom is gorgeous! Those big, sunny windows are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!